Veterinary Clinic Interior Design

Practical, comfortable interiors to create an area of calm

You want pet owners and their animals to feel at ease when they visit.

Going to the vets can be a stressful experience at times. Getting the design right is key. You want good first impressions, with plenty of clear spaces and seating areas that are comfortable for owners and pets alike.

At Inspire Design, we take great care to understand the needs of vets, pet owners and the pets themselves.

For instance, we’ll discuss possible layouts and designs for the reception area, to make it as welcoming as possible, using design features that create an open and warm feel.

The waiting area or areas are crucial for putting people and pets at ease. Comfortable seating, warmly decorated, furnished with contemporary styles. Flooring and lighting that is attractive and practical at the same time. All of these things add up to a space that inspires calmness and confidence.

We love to innovate, and we’ll discuss forward-thinking design options with you. We realise that customer service is very important to your business, so we’ll advise on the best ways to incorporate useful features into the design, bespoke raised shelves to make cats feel more secure for instance.

Our service includes design and fitting, and we will liaise closely with you to make sure you get the results you want. One of our team of experienced project managers will make sure the refurbishment runs smoothly and on time.

Make sure your veterinary practice interior design is the best it can be. It well help you to attract and retain clients over the long term.

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