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May 2, 2017
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How to create a beautiful Master Bedroom

Whether a bedroom is large or small it is possible to have a stunning master bedroom. interior design for the residential market.

If it’s a small bedroom then a light palette will open up the room. If you choose a double divan bed and just add a headboard you will have more room for your other furniture. You can make a statement with your headboard which can be made wider than the bed and maybe at least 4ft high. You can line up the your bedside tables to sit within the headboard. Upholster the headboard in a rich fabric,Harlequin have some fabulous choices and maybe bring in contrasting fabrics for your bedding & throws.

The sofa and chair company make some amazing designed headboards.

If you have a large bedroom you can have a queen size bed. Depending on the style consider a 5ft high beautiful designed upholstered headboard or maybe a fabulous wrought iron headboard. Use wide side tables or bedside cupboards with tall substantial Lamps on them. A large rug wider and longer than the bed can be positioned under the bed so that it creates a boarder surround. Enhance the mood with careful considered lighting. A statement ceiling light will be a ‘Wow’ factor to any room.

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