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April 25, 2017
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Refreshing Interior Design Ideas for Spring

Spring is officially here so lets get started and refresh some of our rooms to put a spring in our step. There are some super accessories out there so why not introduce some copper into the home. Copper vases, lights and photo frames. Copper colours in the kitchen look amazing and you can purchase so many different styles of items from kettles to saucepans and utensils from most high street shops.

Refresh a room by painting a feature wall Lilac or purple colours with the other walls being a neutral colour. This will bring the room to life. Marble can be so expensive but looks exceptional. Now with the new Marble Wall Paper out there you can add an accent wall of marble wallpaper which is a stylish touch to any interior.

Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery, so a adding a lush leafy vine after our cold dreary winter will cheer up the room. You cant beat fresh colourful Tulips in a vase too.

Loving the new Acrylic furniture out there which is great if you have a small space. Opens up a room and you can purchase from our on-line shop some ‘Wow’ factor design chairs and tables.

All in all enjoy the Spring in anticipation to a hopefully wonderful summer to come!



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