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How important is your Art Work to your interior design?

“Two of a Kind” by Chloe Gardner

Adding art work to a room can totally change the overall look of a room. Art is of course a personal thing and a strict rule I always use for my own home is to make sure I love the piece I purchase and do not buy it because it may increase in value. I think when people do this they can so often go off the piece and end up loathing it, trying to think where they can hang it out of the way really.

Of course art does not have to be expensive in fact there is so much out there that you buy now on the high street and on-line. You can pick up some great pieces from photography, drawings and prints. Canvas’ are so much more affordable now too. I find visiting exhibitions a great inspiration and often visit the Clarenden Art Gallery in Mayfair London which holds many exhibitions of varied artists throughout the year. It’s good to go on some galleries mailing lists so that they send you all the dates for there up & coming exhibitions.

A private view with Toby Mulligan




Art work is an important addition to any room and when it comes to deciding where you want to hang your art and in which room there are lots of ways to do this. Think about the colours in art and which room you feel it would work well in; how often you use the room; how often would you like to see this picture; is it something you love and want to see each day? If so then hang this in maybe the living room or the hall. You can group your art work all together on one wall or make a statement and have maybe one large piece on the centre of the wall creating a feature. Whatever you decide you it will be right for you. Just remember to enjoy your artwork.

10 Piece Collections by The Trowbridge Gallery














My favourite artist at the moment is Todd White as his art is vibrant, colourful and fun.

“This Current Sticky Situation” by Todd White














Todd White’s style of art work is Hollywood glitz and glamour and he has an impressive portfolio of celebrity collectors.

If you would like artwork inspiration why not check out our online shop which features pieces including the Liquid Art series that incorporate genuine Swarovski crystals to give the finished piece a 3 dimensional effect and eye-catching sparkle.

“Bubble Tree” by Liquid Art

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